Workshop Framework

At the beginning of each workshop, students meet at a local school, or at the 3D2D Animatori studio (Jarun), where, along with the instructor, they share ideas about what they would like to express through the upcoming film project. After that, they start working on their mutual screenplay. No student's work is disregarded during that process, because each of them is encouraged to come up with a section to fit the final screenplay. Through the screenplay development, students learn about visual approach and practical problem solving techniques. Once the roles and functions are divided, the filming starts. All students take turns working on various tasks in accordance to their wishes and affinities. Editing also takes place inside the 3D2D Animatori studio. Even though everyone is involved in each segment of the creative process, the most exciting part is the screening of the finished film, upon which the students receive diplomas and their own DVD copy.


All finished films are sent to various domestic and European youth film festivals. Taking part in competitions and festivals in teenage categories is especially important, not only to confirm one's own worth, but also because participants share views and experiences with their peers, which can speed up or shape their progress in video development.

Previously completed movies have been sent to LIDRANO festivals (depending on the age group), BUFF Film Festival (10 - 14 of March 2009), Cinekid Festival (October 25th) and the Review of Croatian Youth Film and Video Development. We're particularly happy with the premiere "Theatre Tsunami" screening on the Zlarin island.

Socio-educational Component

One of the workshop's important components is fostering teamwork to strengthen social skills, such as idea sharing, individual responsibility in teamwork, and most importantly - enjoying common achievements. It is especially enjoyable to see children bond together and mutually solve problems, not only related to video process, but also to finding one's own place in a group, as well as society in general.