One of the manager comradesses, director, editor, a screenwriter when needed, a photographer and a chauffeur. Brings in kids and makes films with them... Born in Zagreb in distant 1963. Upon graduating from the Center for the Culture and the Arts, with a great deal of luck managed to get into the Academy of Drama Arts, Film Editing Department. Upon graduating in 1988, she edited and assisted on several films in Sarajevo, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Got addicted to TV projects early in her career (who wouldn't when breaking the ice on Blentons, and continuing on the legendary Z3). That is where she met Komarac, who is primarily to blame for her being a married animation enthusiast.


screenwriter and director on TV projects
- “Hladijator”,OTV, “Sigurnost u prometu”, Animus
 - “Športerica”, HTV, "Športret", HTV , “Filipove Bebe” HTV
 - “Mali Veliki Svijet”, HTV
 - Renegade,  HTV
 - Creative workshops, T-com

live program director on OTV, Z3, HTV

directed TV commercials for Digitel, EP 64, Interfilm, Kenges
won 'Zlatno Zvono' for directing a series of TV commercials for the 'OK'

editor on the following projects:
“Hamburg – Altona” omnibus, "Haustorče" TV film by Mladen Mitrović (TV Sarajevo), "Priča o mom gradu" by Mladen Mitrović, Forum, “Zdravljica” by Damjan Kozole (Emotion film, Ljubljana), feature length animated film “Socijalizacija bika” by directors Čoh/Erič (Emotion film), animatics for various animated shorts, and an array of short films.

editing assistant on feature length films “Ljeto za sjećanje”, ”Donator”, ”Azra” i ”Vrijeme za”.

youth film workshop leader/manager
 - Euroclub, Šolta
 - Privatna umjetnička gimnazija (Private Arts Academy)

photographer, journalist and co-editor in print media
 - author of "Digitalni video - Filming and Editing" textbook
 - Oskar, Mozaik knjiga
 - a series of creative booklets, Vegor Art
 - Arta, magazine for the creative
 - Dijete moje malo, Vijesnik
 - Teen i Klinci sections on T-portal

leader/manager of creative workshops and Chemaco web page editing